View Full Version : Randori in Daito ryu?

Matthew Banks
26th July 2001, 12:45

I read at daitoryu.com that they practice sparring.

How would this be structured, Im guessing its not like judo.

any help?

Matt Banks

Nathan Scott
16th August 2001, 23:13
Hello Mr. Banks,

daito-ryu.com is the site of the Seishin Abashiri Dojo. I've not heard of any of the Daito ryu branches formally introducing free sparring into the art, but I could see where such a practice would be useful.

"sparring" in reference to an art like Daito ryu would probably include random grabs, strikes and/or attacks from various angles, in which the defender must move appropriately in order to successfully reverse the attack.

Perhaps a member of the daito-ryu.com group would care to ellaborate on this for you.


Nathan Scott
19th March 2002, 01:23
I include the following quote not as a personal endorsement, but rather to further document the POV of those senior exponents inside the arts:

"As I mentioned earlier, this school [Daito ryu] is a practical martial art with deadly techniques, so neither randori practice nor competition are possible. Therefore, when we practice we must train using the kata (forms) which have been recorded in the secret scroll (densho)."

<font size=1>Takuma Hisa (Takumakai), "Daito ryu Aiki Budo - part 2"; AikiNews #86 1990. Originally printed in Shin Budo magazine in 1942.</font>