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28th July 2001, 07:34
Im only in my second week studing Nihon Goshin Aikido, and the form itself doesnt concentrate much on meditation. I have a friend how studied 9 years in Japan an thought it outrageous that that wasnt almost the first thing I was taught. Can anyone give me any insight outside my dojo on what meditation I should be doing, or is it even something that can be put into words and must be shown. The main reason I chose aikido was the the union of mind and spirit. Any resources or anything you can share would be great.

Thank You

John Phipps
Atlanta, GA

28th July 2001, 15:16
Hi Nightshade! Have you spoken with your sensei about this? I would suggest that is the first thing you do. I don't know much at all about aikido, but it is a bit of a surprise that your training sessions don't open with a meditation session-to clear the mind so that you can fully concentrate on your training.

There are so many types of meditation, but since you study a Japanese art, the most likely form would be zazen. This is the Zen meditation where one attempts to clear one's mind of all thoughts. I would recommend you pick up the book entitled 'The Zen Way to the Martial Arts' by Taisen Deshimaru (ISBN 0-14-019344-8). Deshimaru was a Roshi or Zen master of samurai lineage who was the missionary general of the Soto Zen school in France until his death in 1982.
He gives very good instruction in zazen meditation in this book, and it is easy to read and follow.

Good Luck!

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29th July 2001, 09:45
Welcome to E-budo John.
Is meditation something you want MA to do for you? You can do so alone as most teachers can only tell you what to meditate and what not to, but this is a personal decision, something you may just do yourself.

If this is your first time in MA, I would be surprised at a teacher who takes up class time with it. That is, I've never experienced an instructor to do this myself.

Most students seem to come to class "empty-headed" as it is.:)