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Benjamin Peters
10th August 2001, 07:23
Dear members - I've tried, but I cannot find many pictures of persons practicing Bojutsu .

Is anyone willing to share any photos of 'paired' practice ? Or perhaps some other photos of some master teachers practicing ?


George Kohler
10th August 2001, 07:29
Try www.shinjin.co.jp/kuki This is the Kukishinden Tenshin Hyoho website and they have several kata on bojutsu.

George Kohler
10th August 2001, 07:39
Also try these web pages:



22nd August 2001, 00:22
In about three weeks I should have several pictures. Bo vs jo, bo vs bokken, bo vs bo, bo vs unarmed etc. Post me your e mail and I'll send them on

Hope this helps