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12th August 2001, 20:17
Can anyone help me with the Japanese symbols (kanji?) for BUDO, BUSHIDO and the VIRTUES.....now i have heard said that there are 5 virtues, 7 virtues and 8 virtues.
I thought there were 7 virtues of the samurai.
Can anyone enlighten me on this. Basically I want to incorporate the symbols on the walls in a room in my house that I'm dedicating to the Japanese arts. I dont wanna get it wrong!

All help and advice appreciated.

Regards in budo

Kevin Jackson:toast:

13th August 2001, 08:17
I have heard of the 7 virtues of Bushido but I think what confuses the issue is some of the 'words' translate as "something and something" in english.

As far as I know (and someone with more experience please correct me if I'm woring) the virtues are

Gi = The right decision; recititude.
Yu = Valour
Rei = Proper behaviour; respect; courtesy
Makoto = complete honesty
Chugi = Devotion and loyalty
Jin = benevolence
Meiyo = Honor and glory

As for the kanji or kana, I would like to know where myself as I have been looking for a while, although I have fonts my comps hate them so have been looking for images of some description (.gif, .jpg etc). If I come across any I'll let you know.

Hope this helps in some way
Cassie Williams

13th August 2001, 08:46
This was just reccomended to me by someone online.


It doesn't really solve my problem but it might help you with yours:)

Cassie Williams

PS thanks to alan for the link.

14th August 2001, 20:51
If you are still looking for the kanji, I can send them to you through E-mail. I used them during a tea ceremony with another instructor as a decortation.

14th October 2001, 10:07
Dear Kevin,

Budo: ?
Bushido: ?m
Gi: `
Yu: E
Makoto: ?
Chugi: `
Jin: ?m
Meiyo: _