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20th August 2001, 17:52
Please read the contents of this email which should be of interest of all or most judoka:

I am sorry to have the sad task of informing you that Charles palmer,
president of the Budokwai, died on Friday evening 17th August 2001.
His funeral will probably be on monday 27th August - but this is not yet
For further details please look on the website at
Please send in any material which you would like to share regarding
Charlie's life and career or personal reminiscences and messages. -

Dr Diana Birch


Please click the link and read what Dr. Birch is asking. Anyone who knew him well, or just knew him at all and has a history of his time at the IJF, please go to the site or send comments on the man. He was only one of two judan to be so so recognized by the IJF. He was the president of the IJF when I was competing, but please read it!

Thanks and best wishes to those closest to him. A nice man he was and an early student of TP Legget who past away last year to the month. Folks, time is running out to get something from "the old guys."


PS: As Dr. Birch and others have lost two friends in just days over a year, she is to be commended to holding her own. Dr. Birch is a student of John Cornish and others, and heads the Kano Society.org (http://www.kanosociety.org).