View Full Version : The curse of Muramasa swords

30th August 2001, 03:20
I can't remember the name of a certain japanese swordsmith... the one who cursed all his blades... if memory serves me right, Tokugawa had them all thrown into the ocean... anyone know?

It's killing me!


30th August 2001, 20:58
No smith ever cursed all his blades. That's an American myth.


Dan Harden
31st August 2001, 14:16

Perhaps you are thinking of Murumasa? His blades were supposed to be blood thirsty and of ill-omen. Your mentioning of Tokugawa in particular is key since it was Tokugawa Ieysu who was supposed to be cut from one of these blades that he owned.
Perhaps he was having a bad noto day and cut his wittle o'l self. And since the "supreme commander" was beyond reproach they chalked it up to "omens" and such.
Hey its always someones elses fault -right?

Every blade made by Kotetsu or Masamune (or any other human)wasn't perfect, Japanese blades don't cut rocks, you can't shoot an arrow into a rock thinking it was a tiger cuz your "Ki" was strong and focused that day, all martial artists cannot fight well just cuz they are high up in the ryu or have been hanging around along time, Koryu does not hold the keys to effective techinque/ technitions (its more than that) and yes some Koryu techniques are really lame and judo can still work as self defense.

Simply put- it's more Japanese (or any culture really) faldaroll regarding blades and the whole war "beat em up" thang.


1st September 2001, 21:50
thanks... I know, I had just been wondering and couldn't remember the guy's name... thanks again.