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joe yang
30th August 2001, 02:30
Up front, I'm a tkd guy. That is because the tkd in my area is the best training. However, 20 years of training is really only to support my first love, an obscure Japanese folk theater, sarugaku. "Noh, the Classical Theater" by Yasuo Nakamura is my original reference. Problem one is, I have xerox copies of relevant text, but the book was dropped from the local library at a sale of under circulated books. I wasn't the lucky buyer. No biggy, as per a recent post, I found a better text. Problem two, the illustrations in "Noh" did not photo copy well. They are 14th century Japanese prints of "sword juggling". They are important because I think they are misinterpreted. I think they are contemporary illustrations of sword illusions which still survive today in bastardized, highly debased forms, but which at the time where a very sophisticated theater, the real origins of Noh. I can't post the copies I have, they are too degraded. I'm looking, among other things, for the engraving. "Ancient Arts of Sarugaku". Any help is appreciated.