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Howard Kaplan
2nd September 2001, 23:30
Dear members,

Does anyone know if Hontai Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu Dojo exist in Tokyo city ? How about north of Tokyo ie Saitama prefecture ?

I have seen the webpage here :

however, it doesn't show the exavt location of shibu-Dojos.

Can anyone assist ?

3rd September 2001, 00:49

Here's what I found:

Hontai Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu So-Honbu
18th Soke Inoue Tsuyoshi Munetoshi-sensei
12-15 Tsumongawa-cho, Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo 663 Japan
Himeji Shibu
Oufu Shibu
Kumamoto Shibu
Kagoshima Shibu
http://www.hyogobcc.org/images/map2_of_japan.jpg http://www.hyogobcc.org/images/map_of_japan.jpg
Images borrowed from http://www.hyogobcc.org

Dr. Stephen Fabian is Inoue sensei's US Shibucho and teaches in the US -- you might be able get some information from him. The last I heard, Steve was moving from a midwestern university to the East Coast; but I don't know where.


Howard Kaplan
3rd September 2001, 00:56
Thanks Guy -

WOW - Hyogo prefecture and Hombu, looks a little far from where I'll be staying (Saitama Prefeture). GOOD MAP !

Just a thought, do any of the Shibu Dojos (ie BRANCH DOJO:
Himeji Shibu, Oufu Shibu, Kumamoto Shibu, Kagoshima Shibu) exist around Tokyo Metropolis or surrounding prefectures ?

Jake Tarbox
3rd September 2001, 06:51

I am a student of Hontain Yoshin Ryu under Inoue soke, currently living in Tokyo. There is no HYR dojo in Tokyo. I can check to see if there are any smaller groups training in the Kanto area, but there are none that I know of. If you are coming to Saitama, you may be out of luck.

I'm curious why you are interested specifically in HYR.

Jake Tarbox

Howard Kaplan
3rd September 2001, 07:49
Thanks Jake - I have sent you a private message regarding your query.

5th September 2001, 15:19
Reading your question, I am not too sure if this will help but Tanemura Sensei of the Genbukan does teach Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu as part of the Kokusai Jujutsu Renmai in Saitama prefecture...The website address is www.genbukan.com ...I am aware that there is a difference between Hontai Takagi Yoshin and Hontai Yoshin Ryu, but I thought perhaps this might help anyway.

Jake Tarbox
6th September 2001, 05:32
Sounds like this Saitama dojo will be your best bet. There is nothing else I know of in Saitama.

Daniel Lee
6th September 2001, 06:04