View Full Version : Post deletions?

Daniel Lee
6th September 2001, 05:13

I was wondering if one of the admin team might be able to help out with why when I try to delete my own posts they don't disappear? Does anyone have any advice?


Daniel Lee

Mark Brecht
6th September 2001, 07:25

it used to be that only moderators were allowed to delete their own posts. Than it changed I think, but I am not sure, how John has it set up at the moment. It might be that this is still only available to the moderators.

6th September 2001, 07:42
You still can edit/delete it, though. Click on edit as you have done, and erase what you poste, the content, leave a period, a word such as "deleted" and while the post will still be there, the content will not.

I know I can delete my own posts in other forums, so you should, too.


Daniel Lee
6th September 2001, 07:51
Thanks guys,

I appreciate your input.

I wonder, is there any way to completely delete a post for a regular user like me at the moment?


Daniel Lee