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Ian Ferguson
6th September 2001, 15:57

Really not sure if this is the right forum to use but will post regardless. Some of you in this group already know me, I've been practicing Shorinji Kempo for the last 15 years and was assistant Branch Master at Southampton University Dojo for many years.

I'm currently in Boston and in serious need of Shorinji Kempo of which there is NONE. I've taken to kick-boxing and Aikido to keep me sane but would love to meet any other 'lost / travelling / currently retired' kenshi to continue my practice with.

If anybody knows anybody - please let me know.

Ian Ferguson

Gary Dolce
6th September 2001, 18:24

There is a small group of "orphaned" Kenshi in the Boston area, including a former student of mine who originally started at Glasgow, that I think meets on an irregular basis. I believe there may be some interest there in starting a Branch, but it hasn't happened yet. I will pull together some e-mail addresses and send them to you separately later today or tomorrow.

13th September 2001, 19:20
I'm living outside of Raleigh, NC but get up to Boston on occasion for business. Would love to find someone to practice with in Raleigh, Boston or anywhere inbetween.

My email is Robert_Borghese@yahoo.com

Gary Dolce
14th September 2001, 13:59
Mr. Borghese,

I have tried to send you an e-mail, but it came back as undeliverable. Please try to contact me at:

Thank you.

14th September 2001, 16:54
Please try again Dolce Sensei.

Someone forgot to take out the yahoo trash and my box was temporarily full.

I appreciate your response and look forward to contact with you.

God bless!

Anders Pettersson
15th September 2001, 22:25

Welcome to E-budo Ian and Rob.

This is what I think is one of the better things that we can use this forum for, getting in contact with other kenshi in order to do what we all like, practice Shorinji Kempo.

I hope that things work out for you, and since Gary have seems to have info on other kenshi in your area it hopefully will.

btw. Rob is an "old" friend of mine, he let me stay with him in his appartment when I was in Japan for the first time in -89.
At the time he was a member of Rakuto-doin in Kyoto, so we share the same teacher in Morikawa-sensei.