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6th September 2001, 17:06
Guys, I am a newbie to this forum. Just moved to Fort Hood, Texas. Looked around and can't find any decent schools nearby (there may be some, just can't find 'em). Anyone aware of any schools in the area of Temple, Salado, Killen?? I've been trained as a TKD practitioner but I'm getting older. Would like Aikido or sword training. Also, have not trained formally in the past ten years. Understand I will be starting from scratch.

10th September 2001, 13:52

There is a Bujinkan group on FT Hood. They train in the Red Team Gymn (DIVARTY, 1CD). I think they hold classes on Tuesday and Thursday, but I'm not sure. They do have flyers up in Harvey Gymn in 3rd Brigade, 1st Cav's area. There are also I bunch of other groups in the area, but I don't know of any specifically. Hope this helps.

10th September 2001, 13:54

I know the rules, my signature isn't working.

Justin D. Brown:eek:

Gil Gillespie
15th September 2001, 03:05
Hi Justin

Just curious about your handle. What's the story with "Littleturtle?" Any connection to the Miami Indian chief from Ohio area Michikinniqua, known as Little Turtle? Quite a warrior. "Commanded" Shawnee/ Miami tribes that destroyed Gen. St. Clair's force in worst military defeat American Indians ever inflicted, then, in ultimate historical irony, died painful death from gout, a white man's disease.

Just wondering. . .

17th September 2001, 17:49
Hey Gil,

That is exactly who I chose it after. He headed a lot of activity in the FT Wayne area of Indiana too. We had to learn all about him way back in elementary school, though I admit I have forgotten most of it except for the fact that he whipped everyone that went against him. As I recall didn't he end up going to Washington DC has a spokesman for Indian tribes of the Midwest? Glad someone recognized the name though.

Justin D. Brown