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John Lindsey
7th September 2001, 05:47
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still having major problems with my PC and windows ME. It crashes within minutes of starting, so I am quickly jumping in here to post this.

I am switching to windows xp, but my motherboard has a DMA controller that will not work with it. Friday I expect a new motherboard and a nice AMD 1.4 cpu with 512 megs of ram. If all goes well, I will get it running on Saturday. There is a chance that might problems are hardware related, but I think its Win ME. Thus, I will then have to install XP. I already have it running on another pc and it looks fine. Actually, its great so far.

If you have any major problems, please contact me at this alternate email address: jlindsey@dslabs.com.

I got a bunch of stuff to post here once I get back online...