View Full Version : Autumn

joe yang
8th September 2001, 04:36
Summer is winding down. The days grow shorter. The evenings grow cooler. Life thrives. If you can step out to hear the night song of the cicada, do. It is beautiful this year.

Gil Gillespie
10th September 2001, 03:15
Acorns are spread all around under the giant oaks draped in Spanish moss, banging like gunshots as they drop onto rusted tin roofs. Holly trees sport berries, young and yellow, autumnal harbingers of winter's reddening. Timber bamboo, autumn shooter, sends emerald spires into the sky. I step outside to enjoy the fading lightning of a cool evening, and am destroyed by mosqitoes and deerflies in formation.

Jeff Hamacher
11th September 2001, 02:03
the typhoon rains batter the little island nation which is my home, the winds crying, "September is here!" Mother Nature with her red and yellow paintbrushes will wait until October, but for now i am content. a computer, E-Budo, and a little skiving from work; what more could i ask for?

22nd September 2001, 14:15
autumn's russet leaves,

showering the ground about,

a woodland rainbow