View Full Version : Qualitative or Quantitative

12th September 2001, 19:48
Out of curiosity, does anybody know if there is a major trend towards one research style or another when dealing with martial arts?



Joseph Svinth
16th September 2001, 07:00
Generally, MA researchers start out with their minds made up in advance ("my martial art is best") and then sift theories and facts to support the hypothesis.

Not much different from any other research in that regard.

16th September 2001, 22:21

When I am reasearching an art if I find the same information from three reliable sources And it makes 'Sense' then I generally accept it as correct. Example ryu-ha A is listed as being begun in 1645 by Hatsumi book, (1) 150 year Old Book in Japanese (2) my Sensei confirms it (3) and it makes 'sense' with everything else.

and Ashida kim says he is the soke of it... heh, just kidding

Then it's probably correct.


Joseph Swartz
Bujinkan Kuzuryu Dojo