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Neil Yamamoto
20th September 2001, 00:14
Given the events of the last week, almost everyone I know is having a drink or 12 and is very contemplative about life. We need to talk about something beyond the WTC attack. Frankly, we can only deal with so much before it depresses you to the point of non - functionality. As Diane Skoss said in a post, do something useful. Since we canít be there, do what you can locally and then have drink with your friends. Action combined with time with friends and a drink really do help.

So what to drink? I just am on my way to have dinner with a friend who hit 40 a couple of days ago. As I will also hit 40 in a short period of time, I intend to have a Mojitos, a rum drink with fresh lime, sugar, and fresh mint leaves muddled together with ice.

So in case you are looking for a drink to try and help you relax a bit, hereís some suggestions for these late summer days slipping into fall. I'll leave out scotch, I've pretty much covered that.

Appleton Estates Rum
The special is a good mixing rum, the VX can be mixed but is ideal on the rock, the estate is meant to be sipped neat like a good cognac or whisky.
Ron Castillo Spiced rum
Really good stuff, lots of vanilla flavor, nutmeg, cinnamon, and hints of other flavors I canít identify. Beats Captain Morgan in my book and is about $8 per bottle.
Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey
Fantastic stuff, makes up for the funny clothes. The 1992 is perfect for sipping with your friends.
Tanquery Malacca Gin
Iím not a gin drinker and I really like this stuff. If you like gin, here's great one to try.
And given the last week, a tribute to America and Bourbon is needed. Try:

Rip Van Winkle Ė any bottling will do. Sip these neat with water. The rye is fantastic.
Evan Williams
The single barrel reserve is for sipping, the black label is great for the price- about $9-$10, and is good enough to drink neat. The green label is rough stuff, toss this back with a beer.
Elmer T Lee
Rich caramel, vanilla, citrus, and nutty flavors all mix, with the vanilla lasting in the finish. A real sipping whiskey.

And hereís some music to listen to while you sip.

music to drink with (http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/7571/gbtu.html)

P Goldsbury
20th September 2001, 01:52
When I saw the thread (and where it is), I was expecting you to launch into the virtues of Japanese sake or shochu. Ever tried sake? Like scotch there are thousands of varieties, but unlike scotch there seems a fairly sharp distinction between 'amakuchi' (sweet) and 'karakuchi' (dry). I myself have never made much of this distinction, but then the Japanese also distinguish between 'amakuchi' and 'karakuchi' curry, and in my experience tend to avoid the latter.

Best regards,

Peter Goldsbury,
P A Goldsbury,
Graduate School of Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University

20th September 2001, 17:31
Neil likes to sip good booze, but if you feel not quite as refined as the mighty rokudan - try a cocktail.
Cocktails are about being alive with other people and about a time when we could take the time for a cocktail hour. So if your low and you donít know where to go to, pull out the spats, put on the ritz, grab a few friends and head for your favorite bar (if itís a particularly bad night make it a tiki bar) and have a cocktail or two. Try to stay away from the newfangled ones (our grandparents knew how and what to drink). I like a nice old fashioned, gimlet, or martini.


Neil Yamamoto
21st September 2001, 19:05
Hello, Mr Goldbury.

Sake is a wonderful thing, only it tends to disagree with my metabolism very quickly now since an earlier lack of judgement in how much you can consume. Actually a good thing, I only drink a little.

In a few earlier threads, I mentioned a few of my favorites, which are locally made, under the Momokawa label by Sake One, the USA owned branch of Momokawa.

I do love my scotch though. I only drink expensive stuff, that way I can't afford to drink too much.

Doug, so, why were you just drinking coke last night?

2nd October 2001, 18:02
Life tastes good... or some such.
Coke and tootsie rolls - perhaps the worlds most perfect foods? ;)

I shouldnít admit it, but really good coffee really does it for me. :D