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21st September 2001, 21:12

Hello, I am a 4th kyu kenshi at the Birmingham, Alabama branch of Shorinji Kempo.

I have designed a website for our branch, and have also created a 'LINKS' page. I am hoping to get as many links to other websites concerning Shorinji Kempo as possible. If you have a website you'd like for me to put a link to, please let me know! You can email me at nocentstar@aol.com

Below is a link to our website - we'd love for you to check it out!


A banner ad will pop up when you first open the page. If you minimize it rather than close it, it won't open with each new page.

Please send URL's my way!

Thank you!

Kellie san

Anders Pettersson
21st September 2001, 21:45

Hi Kellie and welcome to e-budo!
First note the forum rules to sign your posts with your full name.

As for links you can find quite a few Shorinji Kempo links at the Swedish Federation homepage (that I maintain).
The url is: www.shorinji-kempo.org