View Full Version : What is the connection between Sumo and Shinto?

Sean T. Fourkiller
29th September 2001, 00:36
Ok, I've heard that the referee of a Sumo match dresses up like a shinto priest.....is there a connection?

Jeff Hamacher
1st October 2001, 03:24

i just dug this link up on Yahoo and it seems to offer a pretty good thumbnail sketch of sumo. i can tell you a couple of things in response to your question off the cuff, though. the referee or gyoji is not dressed as a Shinto priest exactly, but it's very true that sumo was originally a religious rite, and the gyoji is more than just a ref. enjoy the read and hope it helps.

Sumo for Beginners (http://www.wnn.or.jp/wnn-t/nyumon/beginner/nyumon.html)