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Bustillo, A.
1st October 2001, 17:26
The Judo champion Isao Inokuma.

Have any of you head the recent news?

Perhaps some of you can get reliable info. Meanwhile, I will try to verify the reports.

A. Bustillo

Neil Yamamoto
1st October 2001, 18:38

I just read this, and then logged into e-budo and saw the post. Unfortunately it's true. My deepest sympathies to his friends and family.

Bustillo, A.
1st October 2001, 22:23
I had heard rumors about his death.

Thanks for the verification.

A. Bustillo

2nd October 2001, 07:26
Isao Inokuma:
Lt. Heavyweight Gold medalist in the Tokyo Games and, either Heavyweight or openweight Champion of the Dai Nippon Judo Shiai.

Bustillo, A.
2nd October 2001, 12:44
After hearing the news, I went through my library to look for a photo of Inokuma in one of my books.

I thought it was interesting to see early pictures of him weight training with Jon Bluming in the book by Draeger and Ishikawa titled, 'Judo Training Methods'

A. Bustillo

3rd October 2001, 09:18
It seems that Jon Bluming knew before most outside of Japan. He called someone in the US the morning (or night before Netherlands time) before it was posted so Neil's and Antonio's posts weren't much off of his notice.

Best Regards to the family and to Mr. Bluming.