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9th October 2001, 21:05
Does anyone know of a Daito ryu dojo in North Carolina? I found one place and I am gonna call them later Aiki Budo Inc.

Geoff Armentrout

9th October 2001, 22:53
There are very few legitimate Daito-ryu dojos in the U.S.

I can only speak for the mainline:


Ahem. There is a sandan in Ca. who is authorized to run a branch dojo but as of yet has not started one. There is a nidan in Colorado who is authorized, I believe, to run a study group, but as of yet has not started one.

{trumpet call, please}
The Daito-ryu Study Group in Baltimore, MD, under the guidance of John Goss Sensei. This group operates as an informal "club" studying the art under the guidance of Kondo Sensei. We conduct private and public seminars with him in the U.S. every year, and students travel to Japan to train with him at the Shimbukan as well. This group has been active for about four years.

That being said, I know there are some other branches of Daito-ryu officially active in the U.S. (kodokai, takumakai, roppokai), but you would need to refer to them.

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group
Baltimore, MD

9th October 2001, 23:48
Yeah this place Aiki Budo Inc. is a branch of the Roppokai.

Thanks & Be Well,

Chris Li
10th October 2001, 00:32
Originally posted by Geoff.
Yeah this place Aiki Budo Inc. is a branch of the Roppokai.

Thanks & Be Well,

If that's the Dean Stewart group, they've been expelled from the Roppokai (so far as I know, I don't have anything to do with the Roppokai). Check out http://www.daitoryu-roppokai.org/expulsion.htm



Brently Keen
10th October 2001, 00:42
The Aiki Budo group in North Carolina led by Mr. Dean Stewart is not a branch of the Roppokai, nor is it affiliated in any way with Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Roppokai.

Please go to www.daitoryu-roppokai.org and read Mr. Stewarts letter of expulsion, forbidding him from using the Roppokai name or Okamoto sensei's name for promotional purposes.

Mr. Stewarts association with the Roppokai was brief and hardly qualifies him to be teach authentic Daito-ryu aikijujutsu. To be fair, he does have some experience in Tomiki style aikido. I believe he has recently founded his own style that he now calls Shochoh jujutsu.


Brently Keen

Dean Stewart
10th October 2001, 02:16
Mr Geoff Armentrout,
If you have any questions about my dojo, feel free to visit our web site at www.shochoh.com.

You are invited to stop by my school and i would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

We did split with the roppokai, but have nothing to hide. you can visit our old web site at www.nc-roppokai.com for more information.

Dean Stewart

“Duty is ours; consequences are God’s” - General Stonewall Jackson

10th October 2001, 16:20

I read those letters. Whoa! Pretty harsh stuff. It must have been serious to warrant such strongly worded letters (especially the second one). Would you mind briefly filling me in on what happened? Of course, if Okamoto Sensei has requested you not to talk about it, I completely understand. I was just wondering what would spark such a public expulsion.

Arman Partamian
Daito-ryu Study Group
Baltimore, MD

Mike Campagna
10th October 2001, 18:05
(disclaimer - the opinions stated below are mine and mine alone. Not the opinions of Mr. Dean Stewart or the Shochoh Jujutsu dojo! :-) )

Mr. Partamian,

I wish you luck in your quest for more information about the division between the NC-Roppokai group and the main branch. I don't believe that anyone, including Mr. Stewart, can give you the "full" story about the offenses, because very little information was ever relayed to us from Japan. Much of it is shrouded in hearsay, rumors and assumptions. There was a one on one relationship between our organizations, in that Mr. Stewart dealt directly and personally with Mr. Okamoto. It is unclear to us who or what sparked the controversy outlined in Mr. Okamoto's letter.
I seriously doubt that Brently can or will tell you anymore about the incident, and if he does, please relay that information on to me!

I have studied under Mr. Stewart before, during, and after the Roppokai and I can say with confidence that we have continued on with our training, and our dojo is going strong. The information that we received from the Roppokai came to us at a great cost. That time in our dojo was a very emotionally and financially stressful period. As a result we have become a stronger dojo, partly due to the adversity we faced during that time, but chiefly due to the leadership and integrity that Mr. Stewart displays.

I would also like to extend an invitation to anyone in the Charlotte, NC area who would like to visit our dojo to please stop by. Not only will you find an efficient and effective principle based aiki-jujutsu, but also a close knit group of students who will make you feel welcome.


Nathan Scott
10th October 2001, 22:25

The NC/Roppokai split was discussed at length in a previous thread:

North Carolina Roppokai - whats the deal? (

As you'll see, there are two differing perspectives expressed here, and it was decided to cease digging further into matters that are not anyones business anyway.

Thats what this forums archives are for. Feel free to search them using the seach function, or by reading through the intro post at the top of the forum.


25th September 2002, 07:40
A friend has moved to Raliegh-Durham area and is looking for info about a teacher there.

"Does anyone know anything about Gil Fitts and his aikibudo dojo in Durham? He's studied with Seigo Okamoto sensei, and he's studied some Yoshokai, AAA, and other Aikikai."

Appreciate any info!


14th October 2002, 17:45
Anyone know of a good Aiki jujitsu in the Pittsburgh, PA area?

26th May 2005, 14:49
Are there any Dojos in NC...preferable near Charlotte??

10th June 2005, 04:54
oh wow tons

The majority of the ones I looked at were located in South Carolina and North Carolina

Kinda weird

Type in your fight style into google then the location in quotes

Aiki jiu jitsu "north carolina"

11th June 2005, 01:38
There is a Daito-ryu Roppokai study group in Charlotte. I have trained there one time, with Okamoto Sensei @ a seminar...

I will look for the info... Email/pm me and I will get you the info.