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thomas seth
16th July 2000, 01:44
Is there any one out there that has any info on sites or history about weeping style or weeping circle style jujutsu.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Cook
16th July 2000, 03:30
Sorry, Thomas. Never heard of it. What do you know about it? Where did you hear of it?

Jeff Cook

James Wadley
25th June 2005, 20:05
Try www.unitedjujitsu.com. Some history is on this site.

Richard Elias
26th June 2005, 04:03

James Wadley
26th June 2005, 07:31
I would like to speek with you some time. How may I reach you?
You can reach me throught the web site the phone number is there.

Richard Elias
26th June 2005, 09:06
You can PM me or email me through e-budo or email me at:


26th June 2005, 17:38
Thomas Seth: Try either of these links: http://www.yoshinjujitsu.com/yoshin_ryu_jujitsu_history.htm

If this doesn't help let me know and I can provide more information to you.

James Wadley: 'Sup my friend. Hope you were finally able to get some rest. Take good care and I'll visit with you later.