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Jeffrey Goodwin
14th October 2001, 16:47

I was hoping that I might be able to draw upon the vast knowledge out there to assist me. I consider this to be an appropriate forum as my inquiry relates to Taiho-jutsu (the system of arrest & control techniques taught to Japanese Police officers).

I understand that the system of Taiho-jutsu taught to the Japanese police contains 14 Kihon-waza ("basic" techniques) and 16 Oyo-waza ("advanced" techniques). Can anyone name these for me or "identify" any particular origin (as I understand Taiho-jutsu draws from Yoshinkan Aikido and other Budo as well as Goshin-jutsu).

Any insight into this system would be much appreciated as would any pointers for further study of my own.

Help please.

Yours in Budo

Jeffrey Goodwin