View Full Version : Starting points and outposts

Hans Bachmann
16th October 2001, 12:36

What are the best starting point in a game wei ch'i? Any suggestions on a good strategy for setting up your outposts?


Hans Bachmann

17th October 2001, 01:29
Hi Hans,

The general guidelines would be: 1) the corners, 2) sides, 3) center. The idea being that it is easiest (more efficient) to secure corners, then sides, then the center. However, this can take almost infinite variations and possibilities. That is the fun of wei ch'i (go).

Many pattern exist and when beginning, due to playing handicap go, the 4x4 points in the corners are often good places to play. You'll see the 3x4 points played, 3x3 points played, etc. Each point has strengths and weakness' that work into the strategies played.

Anyway ... not very specific, but ...