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Alexander Bennett
18th October 2001, 01:58
Hi to all Japanese sword art practitioners.

We will be producing the world's first ever English Language Kendo magazine. The first issue is due out in December of this year. Please come and visit our home page...


Look forward to seeing you there.

Alexander Bennett Ph.D:toast:

Nathan Scott
27th June 2002, 20:13
I haven't heard much talk about "Kendo World" yet, and wanted to offer my praise.

This is starting off to be a great magazine. It features Kendo, but also has sub-sections for Iaido (Iaido World), Jodo (Jodo World) and Naginata (Naginata World).

Also, there is a section called "Tradition and Transmission", that covers koryu arts. The first issue covered Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu, and the Second issue discusses Maniwa nen ryu - both very important founding classical traditions.

The first issue also had a comprehensive article from the Japanese language magazine "Kendo Jidai" translated that discussed the development of bogu (protective practice armor). The second issue features an article on Miyamoto Musashi and a historical look at kata.

The point being that this magazine is not just for Kendo-ka! It takes a lot of effort to put together a quality publication like this, so if you want to have access to such information, it is important to support it. I'm still re-reading old issues of "Furyu Magazine" looking for something I may have missed!

Also, it is interesting to note that the principal people involved in this publication are non-Japanese budo-ka that have been living in Japan for some years now.

Bite the bullet and subscribe!!