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pete lohstroh
22nd October 2001, 23:58
Does anyone recommend any guided meditaion cds for a budo practioner?

I do all of my post training meditation in silence by counting breaths (zazen style) but am curious about quality guided meditations for deeper insights. I have been intrigued by Glenn (Path Notes) Morris and wonder if anyone has tried his cds as i imagine they are more budo oriented than some...

Any input appreciated!

Fred Stakem
23rd October 2001, 04:12
Depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for
something in zen or transcendantal med. I couldn't help you.
Are you looking for something spiritual, or to get in touch with
your mind, or just to relax???

I have heard of people meditating by counting breaths and such,
but in my experience there are better ways of directing the mind.

I have done some yoga nidra
in person and off of tapes. Yoga nidra is similiar to meditation,
but the wave patterns of the brain resemble that of someone
sleeping instead of meditating. You move the mind through
different parts of your body which follows the way it is mapped
in the brain(i don't know how it is spelled, but called humuculon).
It is some of the best internal stuff I have ever seen. It is best
done in a quiet room when you are a little tired.

Is yoga nidra budo oriented??? I don't know what you would
mean by budo oriented. It will bring you to a different state. It
will help you relax....and at higher levels you will touch on some
pretty deep things in your mind. It is really great for getting in
touch with body...or you could say it helps in becoming aware of your body you don't noticed when you were stiff. If nothing
else, if done properly it is a pretty wild experience.

I have a photo copy of the only book I know on yoga nidra.
The book is real interesting...the yogi who invented it is
interested in people using it to better their lives instead of
beating you over the head with strange ideologies.

You can look it up on the web. There is a place of study in
India. I only know one person stateside. Dr. Geohagen taught
in down here in atlanta before he died. A. Pittman has done
some tapes of him going through the sequence with some
students. The tapes are pretty crude, but if you are into
the internal they are a pretty interesting experience.


Fred Stakem

joe yang
23rd October 2001, 13:07
I took three very intense years of training in TM during college. No way I could have done it without a live instructor.

Fred Stakem
23rd October 2001, 16:36
My mom has done a little tm and compared it to
yoga nidra. She is no expert in such things, but I take it from
her experience they were similiar in a general sense.
Just curious why you wouldn't think that you could have done it
without a live instructor?? Is you objection techical or more
to the fact of how deep you can get wrapped up in it??

Fred Stakem

pete lohstroh
23rd October 2001, 21:52
I appreciate all of the replies!
To be honest, I am not exactly sure what I am trying to accomplish with guided meditations besides getting some additional insight into the meditative "process" and the by-products of health/relaxation. I suppose my bias is towards Taoist meditation because I am a taiji player and I have studied its basis.

joe yang
24th October 2001, 14:00
I mean I really could'nt have gone into the depth,with TM, on my own, that I did with a live instructor. It wasn't just a matter of relaxing and counting my breaths. I went through a program, five hours a day, three days a week, for three years. We were challanged beyond belief to reach levels of physical relaxation and mental discipline I never knew possible. It wasn't easy. It wasn't comfortable, it was incredibly challenging. You don't know what TM is really about until you get that kind of training. It doesn't come from books, or on your own.

pete lohstroh
24th October 2001, 23:42
Mr. Yang,
Thanks for your advice! I will carefully consider it.
I did find some media which people may find useful at:
www.universal-tao.com (http://www.universal-tao.com)

This is Mantak Chia's website.

25th October 2001, 23:23
Does anyone own any of these 'New Age Hippy' Zen CDs?

I always thought this would be great to practice to.

Anyone own one they can recommend? Something with plenty of koto/shakuhachi (sp?) and a bit of kodo?



joe yang
27th October 2001, 01:55
How about Yanni at the Taj Mahal?