View Full Version : Admin visiting NJ and NYC Oct 28-30

John Lindsey
23rd October 2001, 23:31
I will be in Clark, NJ next week from the 28th thru the 30th. While this is a business trip, I would love to make it a budo trip as well. Thus, anyone interested in getting together for some budo and beer, let me know!

PS Bad Budo is ok, but no Bad Beer please :toast:

Future trips include Chicago in November, and England in about 14 weeks....

24th October 2001, 03:16
Well, I'm in Rockaway, which is a bit away, but a not-unreasonable car trip none the less. Don't know how familiar you are with Northern NJ, but hey ... if ya wanna catch dinner or something, feel free to email me for contact info.

In any case, have fun and don't get dead ...

Filip Poffe
24th October 2001, 08:12

When will you ever make it to Belgium ???

All the best,