View Full Version : Nichi-Chu Budo Kenkyukai/ Mushin Juku Aikido

Enrique Estrada
29th October 2001, 20:58
I have a little question, and I need help. Does anybody knows how can I make contact with Nichi-Chu Budo Kenkyukai (an organization of several martial arts) in Kyoto? It maybe exists any web page or e-mail?
One of the school of this organization is the Mushin Juku Aikido. It's founder, Eguchi Nobuaki Sensei (student of Sagawa Yukiyoshi Sensei for many years), or some of his top students, travel to Habana every year, to teach us.
Now I'm not living in my country anymore, but in Mexico City, so, I have lost any contact with my teacher and trainer fellows.
Please, I need to recover, urgently, this contact. Can anybody helpme?
This is my e-mail
Sincerelly: Enrique Estrada