View Full Version : What is the most fulfilling experience of teaching others?

31st October 2001, 15:04
What is the most fulfilling experience of teaching others and do you learn at the same time?

Keith Mullin
1st November 2001, 02:37
I would have to say that the most rewarding thing about teaching (though I have done very little of it) is watching the person you were helping succeed. And yes you do learn from it, I know I have.

1st November 2001, 07:54
IMO, its the look on their face when they get a technique/kata right for the first time.

1st November 2001, 08:37
One of the most satisfying things is when you see the progress the student has made 'on their own'.

In our (every?) form of Judo, we stress that there is no right or wrong way of doing a technique, and that everyone needs to find what is 'right' for them in the circumstances.

e.g. We can teach a particular throw, but what if Uke is taller/shorter/lighter/heavier/etc.

What I find dis-satisfying, is when students attend classes (usually weekend courses by 'guest' instructors) and then refuse to attempt the variation of the technique shown to them. i.e. when the instructor shows 'this is my way of doing Tai Otoshi, why not have a go at that'. The student then closes their mind and reverts to their own way of doing the technique.

You give them the alphabet, it's up to them what story to write.

Similarly, I dislike instructors who state that 'this is the way to do xx', and are not open to individual variations/adaptations.

joe yang
1st November 2001, 12:47
The best part of teaching, for me, is when I become my master, who is his master, who was his master before him.

It doesn't happen often. I'm trying and getting better at it. I know then I am helping to reach and shape my juniors.

This is the only way I feel I can really and properly repay my debt to my master, which is after all a debt of honor.

2nd November 2001, 02:57
Seeing the student's love for the art grow and blossom.

Seeing the student's scope of knowledge grow, and his hunger for more grow with it.

Being able to share that deep, innermost part of myself - to bear my soul. To give to my students that most private part of myself, and have them appreciate it for what it is.

Do I learn from it myself? ... Most definitely. Each one of my students bring soemthing to me that I can learn from, whether they realize it or not.

Jay Bell
2nd November 2001, 03:10
Being taught.

Giving something of value. Like the whole "stream" effect. Keeping the current running into the next people down the stream. Also...seeing that "OH MY GHOD" look on their face when they learn something new. :)

2nd November 2001, 18:24
I teach a class which is (primarily) pre-teens. They don't want to be treated like kids, but at the same token, you can't treat them like adults either. Beyond what has already been said (the look on their faces when a goal has been realized, seeing their love for what they do blossom), by teaching that age group I get a great sense of accomplishment by watching them, through (hopefully) positive experiences and positive environment, become more mature, positive, BETTER people. The chances that all these kids I teach are going to do karate for the rest of their lives is zero. Maybe one or two will. But them gaining life experience and becoming examplary people OUTSIDE the dojo, I take the most pride in that.

Do I learn from teaching also? Absolutely. 'Nuff said. :p