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Nathan Scott
8th November 2001, 23:34
Hi guys,

Sorry to bug you all with this kind of thing, but I can't find information on my old Judo teacher, and I need at least his full name for my resume.

Here is what I know. He operated a school during the late seventies/early eighties called:

Judoka Fitness Center
2831 West Belleview Ave.
Littleton, Colorado 80123

My kyu menjo has his signature, but not a typed name. It appears to say:

Rep. E. Brady - Yondan

His dojo was part of the USJF, and taught aikido as well. I remember that he was middle aged at that time (1980-1982), and I believe was ex-military.

The USJF does not have a list of previous instructors, and it is quite possible that Mr. Brady is either retired or deceased.

Anybody happen to know him, or have any ideas how I can find out information about him (at least his name)?

I could contact the USJF, but I don't know long that might take.

Thanks for your time,

Tom Christy
9th November 2001, 04:14
Mr. Scott,

It just so happens that a good friend of mine practiced judo at that school during the early to mid '80's. The instructor's name was Phil Brady.

I called my friend to see if he had any current contact info for this gentleman, but apparently he lost track of him after joining the service.

Hope this helps,

Nathan Scott
9th November 2001, 07:15

Thanks much Mr. Christy, that is exactly what I needed. Its been a long time, and I was just a kid calling him "sensei". Couldn't remember his full name.

Sometimes these long shots pay off - thanks for your time.