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7th December 2001, 15:38
This is in no way a major important question so there is no rush to answer here...It has just been buzzing around my head recently and I feel that I should find out..Here goes..
Has anyone here heard of anyone from any country other than Japan becoming a Shinto priest? (Or, rather being accepted as a follower of Shinto)
Or how about a follower of Shugendo (Yamabushi). What are your views on the possibility that a 'Gaijin' could understand and be accepted by the Shinto faith?
I ask because it seems to me an eminently practical philosophy and an excellant path through life but I do also appreciate that the nature of it is 'only' Japanese...therefore not 'open' to those from the 'outside' and would appreciate some feedback from those who are better versed in this than me...
Thank you.

Eric Baluja
7th December 2001, 16:01

Hope this helps!

7th December 2001, 16:17
Thanks! Perfect! So I now know that anyone with the interest CAN join...all I have to do is find a Jinja near me! (hackney, east London..Just about all we have is a couple of broken down churches...Still I will look about..Thanks for the pointer there Eric..Much appreciated!

Ben Bartlett
7th December 2001, 16:23
Well, I was going to say that they definitely allow gaijin to practice Shinto, but I wasn't sure about the priest thing... but the link above certainly answered that question! I don't think the religion itself is "only" Japanese (although obviously it has a very strong connection with Japan)... where things get confusing is that most Japanese don't think of it as a religion, but instead just a series of Japanese customs (they think the same about Buddhism, and mix the two quite a bit). Oh! A girl I went to college with became a mikkosan (shrine girl) for a while. So they are obviously pretty willing to let gaijin in. Hope it goes well for you!

Just thought I'd add this: you might have a hard time finding a shrine outside of Japan. I don't know of any Shinto priests who occupy shrines in other countries. That's not to say for certain there aren't any, that's just to say I've never heard of any. Still, I wish you luck.

9th December 2001, 18:09
I know that there are a shrines in Washinton state, California and a center in NYC but thats the only info i've seen about shrines outside of Japan but you should check the International Interfaith Centre in Oxford

10th December 2001, 15:15
Hello all,
Thanks for everyones help on this question so far..
Baio, Do you have any further details on the International Interfaith society..I will run a search on the web but in case that falls short I would appreciate it, thanks.
I am not sure about joining the Shinto priest hood yet even if is possible!! But I would love to find out more abut the ideas and practices followed by its believers...If only for a more complete understanding of the practices we follow in Budo today..
Domo arigato gozaimashita.

10th December 2001, 17:39
International Interfaith Centre
2 Market Street
Oxford OX1 3EF.
Fax: +44-(0)1865 202746.
Tel: +44-(0)1865 202745.

10th December 2001, 22:06
Hmm. Are there any shrines in the DC/MD area? And who would one contact to obtain that information?

10th December 2001, 22:18
I've been looking for any shrine on the east coast and i haven't found anything aside from a center in nyc that isn't actually a shrine you can ask them about your area

Shinto International Foundation
777 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017
(212) 661-9117