View Full Version : Fourth quarter trend?

Robert Wolfe
24th December 2001, 01:43
Instructors: Between the war on terrorism and the recession, it's certainly one of the proverbial "interesting times" to be running a dojo. How is enrollment at your school?

22nd January 2002, 02:54
Well I was hoping that as people internalized the fear, they might start learning martial arts, but I think the recession is doing a good job of balancing that. I started a satelite community center school so one of my instructors could spread his wings. I may have to shut it down. The scale can tip either way right now. I'm hoping an add in the college paper will help.

Who knows.

I know my personal attitude and charisma makes a difference in enrolllment, but If there is one thing I've learned its that you might as well have a horse shoe in your pocket. Word of mouth is the only dependable advertising, the most powerfull and most cost effective. Having great students is the second.

Shitoryu Dude
1st February 2002, 03:39
The last few weeks at the dojo have been FLOODED with new students. Aside from a much larger than normal batch of New Year's rugrats we have a sizeable increase in the number of women and even a few guys whom you would never even think would be interested in karate. One of them must be over 50, weighs in at around 350 lbs (needs to lose at least 40 of it), and stands at around 6'4". His gi barely covers him and his intro class had him sweating, but I actually think he's going to be back.

We've all noticed a sizeable increase in new students since September 11, though it was New Year's that really brought them out. As always, I'm betting that 90% of them will be gone by July.:smash: