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Ken Allgeier
1st January 2002, 04:42
Bugeisha magazine is now available ( issues 1-6 )
on CD in a PDF format.

Phone 310-248-3633

Fax 310-278-1783

email donrw@earthlink.net.

John Bowden
1st January 2002, 15:55
How much?


Ken Allgeier
2nd January 2002, 05:38
CD/PDF = $29.95

They also have some back issues available.

Bugeisha all 6 issues set : $49.95

Single issues : $17.95

Hank Irwin
8th January 2002, 03:29
JimSan, have you contacted them since they went "back" up? From what I know Lemus Sensei is an honorable man. Is he still running the "show"? I have not talked to him in awhile. I don't know him personally, we have never met, only corresponded by way of e-mail, but my take of the man is good, at least I would like to think so.

Doug Daulton
8th January 2002, 05:36

If I had to guess ... that is probably what happened. It is not uncommon for one vendor to buy out a defunct vendor's stock for pennies on the dollar. Dragon Times did that for Fighting Art International.

So, I doubt there was anything underhanded. Bugeisha was good while it lasted, I am glad to see the remaining issues available to the public.


Doug Daulton

PS: For what it is worth, I spoke to Angel Lemus a couple of times just prior to the magazine folding. I know it was a very tough decision for him. It was not something he wanted to do.

Hank Irwin
8th January 2002, 14:38
It was a damn good rag. I couldn't wait until the next issue would come out. What a shame.

Rob Alvelais
10th January 2002, 04:37
Originally posted by Jim Kass
Snip rant

This guy is a theif.

My sense of Angel is that he is indeed honorable. I'm sure that once he get's wind of your displeasure, that he'll make things right.

Will you commit here and now, that if he refunds you your money, that you'll come back online and broadcast your recantation?


Hank Irwin
10th January 2002, 14:44
JimSan, have you contacted WarrenerSan? I'd bet he would honor your situation. Sorry this happened to you, you are probably not the only one. I wonder actually how many people were affected in this same manner? It's one thing to be "late" in coming across, but if Bugeisha is still alive I would think they would honor this. Seems this could affect their credibility. Even if the rag did change hands, doesn't mean they don't have an obligation to it's patrons. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it works out JimSan. I planned on subscribing, but will wait until I hear you have had this resolved. Not that I matter, just my position on this. :D

John Bowden
10th January 2002, 15:02
If you buy anything from them, make sure it's on plastic so that you can chargeback if they are ripping people off again.

Let there be no mistake that anyone who takes subscription money and then doesn't send them a subscription or send back their money, is crooked. This is not a grey area. Bad business practices are not justification for fraud.


Pavel Dolgachov
10th January 2002, 16:50
I have to say that Bugeisha stuff were very helpful for me and they are honorouble. I sent to them money in letter. It's forbidden by post-offic but I had no in Russia a Credit card. They could take my money and don't send me magazine. But they send me everything what I wanted. I even have to pay them few USD extra.

11th January 2002, 01:19
Thank you very much Hank for notifying me of the Bugeisha situation.

Let me first say that I know Angel Limus and he is one of the most honest and upstanding martial artists I have ever met.

I am now half owner of all the Bugeisha magazines and they are available to anyone on CD $29.95 including shipping and on the CD as a bonus is the 7th issue of Bugeisha that never made it to print.

Regarding the gentlemen who felt he was ripped off. I am very sorry he feels that way but I personally made an open offer to anyone who bought a subscription of Bugeisha that I would give them any video in our catalogue for just the shipping and handling so as to keep Angels reputation in tack and at the same time he was kind enough to give me the mailing list of old Bugeisha subscribers.

We now send out our new magazine "Fiighting Spirit" to all the subscribers free of charge.

If anyone feels that they were ripped off please contact me and I will ship them what ever they want so that they do not feel ripped off.

If they want all six of the hard copies, they can have them if they want as well for there aggrevation a copy of the CD they can have that to, if they feel it is fair and they can also have any of our library of 133 martial arts videos for $10. shipping and handling fee and also I will give them a free subscription to Fighting Spirit.

Just be honest and tell me if you did have a subscription to the magazine and if you did not take advantage of the $10.00 offer before.

That should make everyone happy. I hope.

Thanks again and good luck to everyone on there training.

By the way Angel is doing very well and is helping us out with the new magazine. If you want it on line go to <www.fightingspiritmag.com> you can download it free.

Thanks Don Warrener

Hank Irwin
22nd January 2002, 22:37
Hey KassSan, did this situation get resolved? Hope so! WarrenerSan seems to be sincere. Went to their site, not bad at all. Pretty good downloads. I wonder if Alexander Sensei is the other owner? I see Yamazato Prod. everywhere on the site. Says he is editor? Well, I just wanted to know if you got your money back or what-not?

Doug Daulton
28th January 2002, 06:07

Glad to hear you got it all worked out. Thanks for following up with the group.