View Full Version : Nobody can then help you

2nd January 2002, 11:29
So there you are, practicing and enhacing your techniques in a way that seems to prove that you are ready to apply them in the correct manner. Of course you know many of the things you do are intended to wheather kill or avoid death. Nevertheless... when is the time gonna come for you to see it? Inside the dojo and with the sensei you may talk about blood, you may stablish for yourself the best place for your sink, but you trust and you feel protected.
Grab the picture of being visited by them "the worms" waiting for the time to come. You just have to go back in time and locate yourself in the Island. There life and death were around. There your master and the community, ready for the match. The final duel has come and its your time and nobody can ever help you in this moment. Here the images of your whole life will pass in front of you in a second, may destiny taken you to this step.