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21st July 2000, 18:22
Hello All!

What you consider the most important attributes of a Sensei?

That is, if you had to make a list of attributes or ideals for the "perfect" Sensei, what would the top ten or so items be?

Why do you believe they are important?

Possibly as important, what attributes do you consider unfavorable/unwanted?!?

To get things rolling, here's some of mine. There is no particular order.



So, what do you think?

Paul Mathews
21st July 2000, 19:38
A good question. John Lindsey actually posted a similar question back at the end of May; you may want to go back and check out some of the responses there.

Just to add to the attributes you have already listed, a good sensei should have the best interest of the students at heart. After all, that's why we should be teaching, to give back something of what we were given.


23rd July 2000, 18:21
Good Morning all,

I think, at the end of the day, we want to be the kind of Sensei who will inspire our students to say to their students, "I wish you had known my Sensei."

I say that to my students all the time.

(This post in loving memory of Ben Patterson.)

29th July 2000, 20:26
Good list!

I would also include "creative"... especially when teaching kids. This keeps classes interesting and fresh. I have had some instructors who use the same lesson plan over and over and over... thats cool and all, but to be able to create new ideas while adhering to tradition as well can prove to be quite a challenge (I know I have trouble with this) Creativity is often an underappreciated value... but the best sensei possess this.

Joseph Svinth
29th July 2000, 22:54
Someone whose thirty years of experience isn't one year of experience repeated thirty times.

3rd August 2000, 03:05
these are among the things that have kept me with my teacher. he is honost about whether somethings works well or if some other technique might be better used in a given situation.
he also is very good and knows how to do the techniques with question.
and probably most importantly is open to what others may be doing. when i was about to join he even suggested that i check other places out and encourages visiting other dojos and seeing and experience how they do things that might be different from how we do it.