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7th January 2002, 12:23
Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have done a course in reiki or a similar system of healing and if so, has it helped you in your chosen art. Also, do any of your schools require you to do reiki or something similar?

joe yang
7th January 2002, 17:34
I'm just getting introduced to reiki. My sister-in-law and her aunt, both ER nurses are getting pretty serious about it. I tend to be a bit of a hard core, tofu eating type myself. It makes me a little reluctant to go into any new, alternative life style venture, without some sort of approval from the more mainstream members of the family. They keep talking to me about "Happy Dale" as it is.

Carl Elder
8th January 2002, 04:05
Ive been attuned to reiki 1 and 2. It doesnt really help so much in my martial arts directly anyways. It is benificial when people get minor injures in class however. And I think it provides a kind of balance in a martial artist. "You have to learn to heal the body, before you can learn to hurt it." I personally think its kind of expensive, but Im kind of cheap with things like that. :wave: The class I take doesnt require reiki, but it storngly recommends it, like I said to balance oneself with hurting and healing.

Perry Robertson
8th January 2002, 13:09
Anyone interested in reiki should check out Jinshin Jyutsu (original japanese system) or Jinshin Hightouch (American version from Jyutsu).

Its been my experience and others that are instructors in both reiki and jinshin that Jinshin has longer lasting healing effects than reiki and is *safe* in the form that you can't go wrong.

Diane Mirro
15th January 2002, 18:05
Please heed the advice of the above post. I admit that I have a poor attitude toward Reiki because of a couple of bad experiences and numerous lame experiences with the art.

The bad experiences consisted of seeing a friend get messed up psychologically when she got involved with it, and a treatment I had which left my neck a hurting mess. The "treatment" was done without my knowledge or permission--I had paid for a regular massage session--and I found out later that the therapist had tried manipulating and rearranging my energy lines. This is a BAD thing to do, especially to a martial artist who already directs their own energy.

The lame experiences consisted of times when friends wanted to do Reiki to me--with my permission--and the results were zero. Perhaps part of that is because I feel as if I am already brimming with health and energy. As a chiropractor and a martial artist, I work with energy all day long, although I rarely talk about it to my patients. The energy work I do has taken years of practice to bring up to its current level. I did not plan to do this--it was my patients who began giving me feedback, like saying my hands got hot as I worked on them, or being able to relieve some of them of serious back pain in a single session. So, please forgive me if I am skeptical of people who claim to be able to heal with Reiki after a couple of weekend courses--kind of like those six-month black belts.

If Reiki is done as a sharing of energy, rather than a manipulation, I think it is all right. Please be careful in choosing an instructor (much like the martial arts!) and be wary of anyone who claims miracle cures. The biggest problem with it is that a trusting client may in reality need the help of another health professional, and by trying to solve the problem with just Reiki, they may be getting worse instead of better. It is egotistical and delusional for ANY practitioner to think they can fix everything with their therapy.

16th January 2002, 14:07
Thanx for your responses guys, especially Dianne. I have to admit, my first experience with reiki was far from impressive. After being attuned the only reason I could feel any energy at all was because i was meditating alot and getting myself in tune with my energy. My teacher actually came to my jujutsu class one day and I found out that my instructor(who had only done reiki 1) had a much stronger healing ability than my reiki teacher. Could anyone tell me where I could find Jinshin Jyutsu in Sydney Australia please?