View Full Version : Note: For those who trade or sell

8th January 2002, 08:36
I just want to remind those who have occassional items to sell of the rule on advertising.

Blatant commercial advertising is not allowed.

This is a rule on E-budo, but it doesn't mean an individual who has something of interest to trade for, or sell cannot do so. This isn't the correct forum for it usually so depending on what it is, I may leave it alone or move it to the correct forum with an open link here to the item. In particular, those which have nothing to do with judo.

Don't take advantage and it stays.

(This was not meant for any individual, it was meant for anyone who does so as an individual seller/trader and not as meat market).

Thanks in advance for adhering to this rule.


8th January 2002, 08:42
BTW: If someone is looking for something special, Mark Brecht is the E-budo merchant and can get most anything for very good prices. His forum, "Japanese treasures," is found toward the bottom of the index page.