View Full Version : Just Curious

22nd July 2000, 05:28
Hi John,

Just 3 quick questions, as follows:

1: How come sometimes when I go to certain threads (Aikido as a Combat aart) I see "go to first unread post" and on other threads (Call Me Sensei) its not there. I have gone previously to BOTH of these threads so I assume I should the message on both, right? If I'm right, why does it not appear sometimes?

2: What happened to the profile data under the name of each poster on a thread?

3: I'm really not looking for rank here but why are some members listed as 'senior member' as oppossed to 'member'? Just curious!


John Lindsey
24th July 2000, 00:46
1. No idea...

2. It is back...the PM hack messed it up.

3. Senior status is granted at 100 messages. New member is from 1-10, and then one is a member.