View Full Version : Software upgrade done!

John Lindsey
23rd January 2002, 17:14
Well, we finally got it done! It took a bit longer due to some security issues, but it was worth the wait.

Because this was a major upgrade, some of the 'style' settings were changed and I will have to work on getting these reset to our old look.

Daniel Lee
24th January 2002, 00:03
Congratulations and thank you for all your work in reworking the e-budo site. It obviously involves a lot of time and effort, but being able to discuss martial arts with people from all around the world is outstanding John.

Once again, thank you.


Daniel Lee

24th January 2002, 03:03
Thanks for the upgrade! Let's hope that this provides another level of protection against those darned hackers! I haven't really pushed the envelope, so to speak, but I'm finding that everything seems to be working nicely so far!

Again, many thanks!

John Lindsey
24th January 2002, 03:43
Security is much improved. User passwords are encripted now as well in the database.

24th January 2002, 05:10
Good job, John. The clock is slightly off, though... ;)