View Full Version : Warning: rule violators going to e-budo hell

John Lindsey
23rd January 2002, 22:14
It is a mandatory rule of e-budo that members must sign their posts with there full name. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please do not post. This was one of the fundamental rules of our forums when we started almost 3 years ago.

Every now and then, I have to crack down on those who disobey this either through ignorance or a lack of respect for our rules.

Starting today, any member who flagrantly refuses to sign with their full name will be sent to e-budo hell, which is a special forum that only those who are in it, can see it. I will personally make the decision on who goes and who stays. I might send a friendly PM reminding you of the rule, or I might slam dunk you into Hades without a warning. Getting out of hell is easy once you agree to the rules.

You can tell when someone is in e-budo hell when his or her title (under their avatar pic) changes to read: “Lost Soul.” Such a person cannot post further messages, nor can they view the normal forums unless they log out and return as a guest.

FYI: Over the past year, 23 people were sent to hell, and 13 are still hanging out there. Those who have been in e-budo hell speak of e-horrors worse than can be imagined (ok, maybe an AOL subscriber would not be too bothered)...

Steven Miranda
25th January 2002, 21:39
If my username is my FULL NAME, do I still need to sign? Or will that be surfice?


Steven Malanosk
25th January 2002, 22:04
If I may be so bold to suggest, that the personal info on a person be filled out also?

Its not pleasant communicating with someone whome you have no idea of the age, back ground, level, etc.

Of course people will lie, as people are inclined to do.

But it would be easy to check, and perhaps less easy for armchair pedantics to feel so free to run their keyboard.

Just a thought.

John Lindsey
25th January 2002, 22:21
Yes, if you have your username set as your full name, then there is no need to have a sig, but it would be nice :).

26th January 2002, 08:00
I think you answered your own question on why there is a need for real names. Some who have not followed this policy, are now enforcing the same rule on other (their own) BBs.

I think it better to allow a flow of discussion rather than requiring any more than that. There is always the profile button if one needs to know more.:smokin:


Steven Malanosk
26th January 2002, 12:27
Hi Mark,

If I was the Steve, you where talking to, the profile is what I was reffering to. Many do not fill it out adequately.

Juan Perez
26th January 2002, 16:19

Speaking of signatures, I had a signature block with my profile before, but I don't see it anymore. So, I figured "what the heck, I'll just do it again" and went to my profile edit section to put my signature back on and found that there was no window next to my SIGNATURE EDITOR, and that when I clicked on SIGNATURE EDITOR, it would take me to some message that just said e-budo. Am I doing something wrong in the process?

Also, when I try posting, I find that after like three minutes of typing, if I try to post (by hitting the "submit" button) it tells me that I have not logged in (after having logged in like three minutes prior). What's up? Thanks for your time, and take care.

John Lindsey
27th January 2002, 02:16
I actually found out that there is a bug in the "sig hack" I added last year. It will take me thru Sunday to get it fixed... hopefully.

9th February 2002, 03:17
I just left a few posts without signing them. I didn't know the requirement! Please do not send me to e-hell! I promise to do better!

Lao Tzu

heh-heh. just kidding about the name.

Yours in budo,
Dale Napier

John Lindsey
9th February 2002, 17:48
Hi Dale,

Nice to see you here.

John Lindsey
13th February 2002, 04:02
As for personal data, that is not a requirement. Some people may not feel comfortable listing such information.