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29th January 2002, 23:03
Hi guys, I have a couple of questions for you regarding reiki and meditation. I did my reiki course about 6 months ago and since then and more recently I have noticed some very strange things happening. Lying in bed at night doing self healing, I have felt my whole body tingling, to the point where I cant feel my body any more and all I can feel is energy running through it. Secondly when meditating and also doing self healing, sometimes I feel myself lifting out of my body, as thought Im just rising up out of my body like steam out of a kettle. What the hell is happening to me?????? please help!

31st January 2002, 00:20
I'm certainly no expert on reiki, though from what I understand it utilises the body's energy, and increases the amount of energy possessed..?
It sounds to me, though, a little like something related to Astral Projection.. I've only ever done it once myself, and it was accompanied by less a buzzing that just a total detachment from my body, but that could just be a technical difference.
Does anyone else have any experiences that match Peter's more closely?

Bustillo, A.
7th April 2002, 08:21
How long was the Reiki course you took and what other training have you had in this area; passing energy and the likes.

Reiki was covered in the course I took to becone an LMT.

7th April 2002, 12:31
The reiki course I took was only a day, and I haven't had any other training in passing energy, other than a bit of chi kung my teacher has shown me in my jujutsu class. Whats an LMT?

Bustillo, A.
7th April 2002, 15:02
[B]LMT[/B; Licensed Massage Therapist.

The course I took, LMT course, was six months. Even so, it takes time and practice to become proficient. Yoga, medittion take years of practice to reach higher levels. Any endeavor takes considerable study and practice. However, you took a ONE day course on reiki which involves ebergy work. And, you claim self-healing. You may be trying; doubt you are accomplishing much of anything else. And, the person who responded to you mentions that you may be doing something like astral projecting.

You must be kidding.

Amazing; the power to fool yourself.


8th April 2002, 07:08
By no means do I intend this to end up on the no holds bar and grill, but there are a few things you have said Antonio that urgently need addressing. Apart from my one day course in reiki, I have been meditating regularly for the last two years and have recently progressed onto chakra meditation, which has made what I feel much more intense. Yes, any endeavour requires diligent practice to become proficient, which is exactly what I have been doing. I never claimed to be at a high level in reiki or anything like that, I simply stated what I was trying to do and the sensations which I felt. I have no need to lie since no-one on this forum knows who I am anyway, so it would be pointless trying to impress anyone by making grandiose claims(which isn't what I did anyway). Now if you know exactly what I'm feeling, and are telling me that I'm lying/fooling myself then you must be psychic or have some similar power that is probably being addressed as we speak on the bad budo forum.
I was only asking a couple of legitimate questions and hoping for some helpful advice. So the next time you feel like writing a post involving nothing but criticism, keep your opinions to yourself unless you have something helpful to offer.

Bustillo, A.
8th April 2002, 13:30

Peter Ross, Hold your horse.

For a guy who studied meditation for two whole years and as you state , you are now into 'chakra mediation'; and it's more intense-- wow-- you sure lose it quick.

First, before I commented, I was spcific and I asked your background and experience in the field of 'energy work'. You stated one day seminar. A one day seminar in 'anything' is just a notch above nothing. In my opinion, a one day seminar in anything is an nothing more than an introduction.

Futhermore , when you ask a question... do you expect for everyone to agree or believe what you say. It has nothing to do with ' no Holds narred grill' or thrashing. My opinion has as much merit as anyone else. And, in this case, as an LMT, it seems I had a little more ecposure from experineced teachers of Reiki in class. --when I studied massge-- I assure you it was more than a day. I choose not to follow the cult-like energy passing method. So what.

Neverthelees, it can not be denied that many people make mistakes about what they feel during sesions. And, if someone does not know what they are doing , they can cause harm by passing the wrong energy at the wrong time of the day on the wrong part of the body. In the field of professional massage therapist, and holistic healing, thare are those who think Reiki is a bunch of monsense. If nothing else, I made you stop for a moment and perhaps it reinforced what you believe.

I just don't go for that type of healing. Especially when the entire thing is based on superficial seminars, and it is not cheap.
I agree with Robert Rouseelot, it comes across too cultish.

Please; 'Heal people from long distances.' Then, drop by some time... we'll chat. I'll even give you Swedish Therapeautic massage. At least you'll know I'm working because my fingers, hands, forearm and elbow will actually work and I'll use gliding, cupping, friction and deep tissue work and you'll feel something for real.

Keep doing what you are doing. If it works for you, great. Perhaps the next time you post, you'll be levitating.


8th April 2002, 14:52
Hmmmm. I never said that your opinion wasn't legitimate. However, if you're going to express your opinion to me, try not to do it with such sarcastic undertones. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to make me angry on purpose. Well I'm sorry to say I'm not angry and I havent "lost it quick". It makes me laugh that you assume I'm into the whole reiki movement and that you think I subscribe to all that cult crap. You don't know a thing about me, so keep on making assumptions. Another important thing. I don't expect for people to agree with what I say, but if i post a question, I expect a helpful answer, not one laced with sarcasm and criticism. If I was expressing an opinion, like I am now, then great, say what you want, otherwise, don't bother with a reply. As I said before, what reason do I have to lie? If I'm asking a question it's to obtain information useful to me, so why shouldn't people believe what I am asking since I require a truthful answer.
Now, just to finish off and set the record straight. I do not practice reiki on anyone, I pretty much don't practice it at all. I let my hands rest on my body when I go to sleep, and whatever it is that I feel, I feel. I did the reiki seminar for the experience and am still glad that I did.

PS: if anyone sees people levitating near their house, its just me and my cult, gives us a yell and we'll move on to the next house :laugh:

8th April 2002, 15:05
I also find it quite amazing that you bothered to dig up a thread that has been gone for the best part of 2 months to tell me I'm fooling myself. Geez, some people just have too much time on their hands.

Bustillo, A.
8th April 2002, 15:41
Ah, Peter , that's more like it. You never explained the entire situation. However, I state again, please remember I did ask specific questions as to you experience with energy work. It is only now that you elaborate. That is fine though. And, by the way , I didn't mean to make it seem like you were making up stories. Your entitled to your beliefs. And, so am I. You read sarcasm when I was tossing in some humor. It is my nature. But, since it was at your expense , I understand why you wouldn't like it. It is just that most people would go with flow, with the energy--that is another joke in case you didn't get it-- and joke it off also. Even so, I don't apologize for the humor.

There is one important point and let us get one thing straight. You told me not to bother with my opinion because you don't like my critique and my tone. Well sir, Shall I hand you a habderchief?--that was another joke, and I'll admit with some sarcasm this time--.

We are writing on this forum , but we are not the only ones reading it. Criticism has its place. Be advised; not everyone reading this little thread is familiar with reiki. It is important for the readers to see different views, opinions and perspectives. This is not just for you. If Robert R. and I had not come on here all they get was you and your free flyer mileage, no passport needed astral projection man's view of 'your' take on things.

You practice, like, love , live abd swear by reiki...beautiful.

Nonetheless, be assured that in many circles reiki is frowned upon.

Now , the readers can investigate and decide for themselves.

But, wait... Hark , who gos there? I just noticed you had time to spare abd posted back to back messages. You must have been experiencing an 'energy block' and didn't think of your little remark the first time.

I never go on this forum ,but I admit, I did pop in out of curiosity. Your message was right on the main screen, didn't need to dig it up.
So , in fact , it wasn't due to any extra time on my hands. Well, at least, no more so than some people have time to place their hands on their chest and pretend to play Doctor. Play Doctor on themselves no less.


9th April 2002, 13:01
Okay Antonio, I think the air has been well and truly cleared by ur last post. Its kinda hard to tell whether what someone is posting is humour or sarcasm due to the fact you don't know the person on the other end. BTW, nice joke about playing doctor on myself, hehe I liked that piece of humour, or was it sarcasm? Hehe only joking(sorry couldn't resist).
:smilejapa :D :D

Bustillo, A.
9th April 2002, 13:47
Meat man Peter ross,

It lightens things up a bit. You can make analogies with a little humor. -- Sometimes. --Believe it or not, most people don't realize that the same thing would come across worse yet if it lacks 'Any' type of humor or a bit of sarcasm. Your little jab was fine by me.

Ie. Someone says, "I can Astral project."
Serious response, "Hogwash. Your claim is unfounded."

On a lighter note. "really now...not even a magis carpet ride . Wow."

You see, overall the energy is better.

So, Reiki on....

9th February 2003, 09:04

The buzzing is normal, and it can feel quite intense. It can also feel quite good. You mention that you practice qigong..... have you experienced any of that "buzzing" with qigong practice?

You know what you're feeling, no one else can tell you. I have experienced what you speak of - that buzzing. I wish I could explain "what is happening to you", but I really can't, other than to say, that when you were "attuned" it's almost like a metaphoric valve being opened to that flow of energy.......blockages are released, emotionally, and physically, and for some people, it seems that the feeling of the energy flowing through their body, becomes even more magnified. Some feel it for the first time, but it's always been there. We just don't notice the feeling. I think too, that since you are already familiar with energy work with qigong, that you are possibly even more sensitive to the "opening" process that takes place in a reiki attunement. I will say, sensations definantly were magnified for me for quite a while after the attunement.

As for the other....... I can't really help. I have never experienced that feeling of floating out of body, or know as to why you might be feeling that sensation.

Take care,...

Trish Nielsen

9th February 2003, 17:08
That's great Andrew! At least we know where your experience lies.


Trish Nielsen

Gene Williams
17th February 2003, 11:54
There are some really effective new psychotropic medications to treat the symptoms you guys are exhibiting. I'm sure you can find a free mental health clinic somewhere that will help you out. Gene

18th February 2003, 18:11
Wow Gene, Thanks! I'll get right on that!

Trish Nielsen
::::trying to wave with my little white coat on::::

22nd February 2003, 14:03
For those who don't understand about Reiki


Find out about Reiki and then discus ;)