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Thread: Japanese novels?

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    Default Japanese novels?


    I wanted to ask if anyone could reccomend any Japanese novels or novels that focus on Japan. I guess it doesn't even need to be a novel, but something to do with medieval Japan. I've read Shogun and the 47 Ronin and now I need to read some more. I suppose once you find a literary niche that satisfies your palette you gotta stick with it!


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    Try Taiko and Musashi written by Eiji Yoshikawa. Both are excellent books

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    - "the samurai", endo shusaku
    - the series by laura joh rowland, starting with "shinju" (it is said to get worse after the second book, but it still might be able to give you a certain feeling for those days)
    - "rashomon and other stories", akutagawa ryonosuke

    names according to the japanese way with familyname first

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