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Thread: Australian Koryu Bujutsu Federation

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    Default Australian Koryu Bujutsu Federation

    G'day All,

    With the kind permission of J. Lindsey I've posted some information on a new Koryu Bujutsu organisation being formed in Australia. The organisation is being formed partly in response to attempts to try and legislate martial arts & licence instructors in NSW.


    The AKBF (Australian Koryu Budo-Bujutsu Federation) is currently being formed by a number of concerned instructors, scholars, authors, researchers and students of authentic and legitimate classical Japanese martial arts branches based in Australia. Following the publication and circulation of an ‘Expression of Interest & Discussion Paper,’ in 2000 a number of koryu budo and bujutsu instructors and students have submitted their thoughts, views, advice and/or stated their support for the establishment of an Australian Koryu Budo-Bujutsu Federation. Input has been received by the facilitator of the AKBF via letters, faxes and e-mails from various interested koryu instructors, practitioners and other stakeholders. The AKBF is being formed to fill an obvious gap in the so-called “martial arts,” within Australia, and provide support and services specifically for the original classical (pre Meiji era 1868-70), schools of budo and bujutsu founded by samurai for samurai, as opposed to the popular modern sports based or spiritual-philosophical based disciplines of judo, karate-do, kendo, aikido, Nihon jujutsu and/or the so called modern eclectic “street combat,” freestyle schools founded by western self-titled masters and covered in a thin veneer of psuedo Japanese and Asian traditions & nomenclature!

    The AKBF has no interest in inter-koryu political issues and will not become involved in any issues unrelated to the goals, mission and objectives laid out. The AKBF is an independent, non-profit organization that will become incorporated as soon as possible after the first formation meeting. The AKBF will be managed by koryu budo-bujutsu instructors, scholars, authors, researchers and students for the koryu community to further assist, support and promote the Australian branches of authentic and legitimate Japanese koryu budo-bujutsu schools, instructors and students. Through conducting and co-ordinating seminars, networking, publicising, liaising and in various other ways the AKBF can support and serve the koryu arts within Australia.

    Authentic and legitimate koryu budo and bujutsu branch arts/schools within Australia are those that have a direct link to their hombu dojo in Japan and can show proof of being licensed (authorised) to operate a branch dojo in Australia under the auspices of a Japanese soke, shihan and/or hombu dojo based in Japan. Membership to the AKBF is open to any Australian citizen regardless of his/her race, ethnic background, sexuality, religious beliefs or political leanings who can be qualified as follows: [A] Full membership of the AKBF will only be open to any individual: (1) Australian shibu-cho or dojo-cho (Aust. branch-instructor or dojo-director) of a koryu school, or (2) monjin or deshi (disciple or student) of a koryu school. Associate membership will open to any individual: (1) scholar, researcher or author of the koryu budo-bujutsu arts of Japan, or (2) instructor or student of a gendai-budo (modern Japanese martial art eg: kendo, iaido, aikido, judo, karate-do, Nihon jujutsu/goshin-jutsu etc) who has an interest in or is researching the koryu budo-bujutsu arts of Japan as part of their respective study and within their martial arts training. At this stage only individuals are being accepted to apply for membership of the AKBF. Schools, styles, clubs, associations etc are not being accepted for membership status.

    The AKBF is currently investigating the possibility of making contact and forging relations with international Japanese organizations based in Japan, and response to date has been encouraging. The AKBF is cuurently in the process of contacting Kenji Shimazu-Sensei of the Nihon Bujutsu Shiryokan and other Japanese sensei in an effort to assist with the future development of the AKBF in accordance with its mission, goals, objectives & functions. These links with Japanese organistaions will give the AKBF members in Australia access to resources and knowledge otherwise not available here. It will also make it possible for many of the great sensei, shihan and soke and/or their representatives to visit Australia and conduct training seminars, workshops, and lectures etc.

    The AKBF will value the membership of those individuals who are interested in the traditional classical martial arts of Japan and will endeavour to support and serve them and share the wealth of knowledge available here in Australia and Japan. It is envisaged that having been accepted by the AKBF as a member will be sufficient for any individual, business, organisation or government department wanting to know the validity of any AKBF members’ claim. In the event that an enquiry is received we will consult with the member in question, keeping the details of the enquirer confidential.

    Please note that the AKBF is an independent organistaion and will always remain so. The AKBF is not subject to any other orgainsation and is politically unconnected to any other group, The AKBF will remain pro-active in forging good relations and friendly ties with other orgainsations whose interests are similar and encourage friendly communications between such groups. The AKBF will in no way become involved in any internal matters of these groups.


    * National computer register of members
    * Access to discounted insurance cover
    * Dojo directory and location guide
    * Full time administration, secretarial and business service
    * Soon to be released koryu specific dojo management software
    * Membership certificate, ID card & embroidered badge
    * First TV documentaries covering koryu arts in Australia
    * Monthly circular, bi-monthly newsletter & quarterly journal
    * 10% membership discount on all AKBF products & services
    * AKBF website featuring members only links and koryu forum
    * Interactive network of koryu instructors, students, researchers
    and authors
    * National & state co-ordination of koryu events eg. Seminars etc
    * Government lobbying for koryu arts on a local, state and
    federal level
    * National information sharing and exchange via networking
    * Workshops on Japanese cultural arts eg. ikebana, chado, and
    shodo etc
    * Invitations to discounted Japan training tours
    * National archive and information/data storage & retrieval
    * AKBF national library network of books, videos, magazines &
    articles etc
    * Access to nationally recognised & accredited instructor training
    * National register, recording & insuring of Japanese swords &
    weapons etc


    * To be the peak organisation promoting, supporting and assisting the nations’ instructors, students, researchers, scholars and authors of the koryu bujutsu arts of Japan and related traditional Japanese cultural activities.
    * To carry out activities and strategies with the aim of providing services for the benefits of the koryu community, that values the history, tradition, ethics, techniques and customs of the koryu bujutsu arts of the bushi (samurai).
    * To lead the future development and representation of the koryu arts in Australia through an organisation representing Australian koryu bujutsu instructors, students, researchers, scholars and authors.
    * To be a unified voice for koryu bujutsu, to raise and respond to issues that impact the koryu arts community.
    * To achieve the objectives and purpose of the federation through effectively liaising with and lobbying all levels of government, government departments and all other organisations coming in to contact with the koryu bujutsu arts.
    * To utilise the intellectual capital of members to promote and support the koryu arts and to advance the goals and aims of the federation.
    * To facilitate the maintenance and development of member competencies and better practices throughout their lifetime involvement within the koryu arts
    * To maintain the highest level of professional standards and integrity of members in the interest of the koryu community.

    If anyone has any sincere constructive criticisms, ideas or suggestions, please let me know here at e-budo or e-mail me at , I'll have a basic (ie: simple) web-site covering the AKBF up soon. All the best.


    Paul Steadman

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    Default AKBF Website

    Hi All,

    I have nearly completed the Australian Koryu Bujutsu Federation website (it's rather simple and basic) at . Please check it out and advise me of any suggestions or corrections you might have.

    For any Ozzies reading this the AKBF will hold its formation meeting on Sunday 30th JUne 2002 at the Sydney RSL club, Goerge Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA, starting at 12:00 midday.

    All the best,

    Paul Steadman

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    Default Updated AKBF Web Site

    Hi All,

    I've updated the Australian Koryu Bujutsu Federation web-site at I have updated the reference links and have included links to most of the better koryu web-sites (which most of you guys would already have seen).


    Paul Steadman

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