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Thread: Knee problem (medial plica)

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    Hi there

    I recently saw an orthopedic surgeon as I had a lot of pain and "popping" in my right knee. This was worse after doing any running or martial art training or some days even just after a lot of walking. An MRI scan showed the porblem to be a medial plica which is a band of scar tissue inside the knee that causes irritation and inward twisting of the knee when the leg is bent.

    The surgeon said he could do an arthroscopy to remove the plica but they can be okay if left alone and treated with some kind of physio. He even suggested I start light training again and see how I get on. Unfortunately it hasn't improved much and I am now getting a twinge when I do side-kicks with the right leg as the supporting leg (the twinge runs up from the back of the knee to the glute.)

    I now want to try and get some kind of physiotherapy to sort this out but the surgeon couldn't recommend one method over another and I got the impression he didn't think too much of them anyway.

    Has anyone gone through this kind of knee problem and what action did they take? I have heard of things like chiro, osteo, Alexander technique and acupuncture etc. but I am not sure what would be appropriate. Should I try one of these things or just go for the arthroscopy if that's what it will take? I hope someone out there has some advice.



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    You might want to talk with another surgeon and get a second opinion. To me, the fact that you have scar tissue sounds like you need to get it out IF it is causing pain. I am not sure how much physio work can do to help it.

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