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Thread: Recovery Time???

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    Hi Guys...

    It would appear that life has once again provided me with the opportunity to learn about something first hand. This time its a Hernia. Sooo...heres my question..."How long should I expect to be on the mend?" I've already reduced my training regimen and postponed a few of my scheduled teaching engagements. I couldn't cancel them all so I've had to postpone my surgery until Sept 14th. BUT...I have several upcoming engagements in Oct that I've committed to. Any Suggestions? Anyone else have first hand knowledge of this procedure? BTW, I've already heard "oooohhh, thats a tough one!" So I'm hoping for a little more pragmatic advice

    Thanks in advance...


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    Post My experience - long

    First off. Get the surgery taken care of if you can. You don't want it to get worse and it will. Here's my experience (YMMV).

    I had one for about 6 months not knowing for sure but suspecting that I had one. I went to help someone move and after moving the fridge and everything else I knew I'd hurt myself bad (abs in the groin area were pushed out a little). Went to the doctor and they confirmed it only it was 2 hernias not one. The ab walls couldn't support the excessive work of the move on the other side and they tore too. Scheduled surgery for the next week and while at work I rotated in my chair and felt a rip. When I stood up I felt my abs push out more. Went home and stayed in bed for the next two days to avoid making it any worse. Had the surgery and afterwards found I had instead of 2 little inch long cuts I had 2 five inch long cuts. Cut to the chase. That was at the end of March and the doctor told me no exercise other than walking until September.

    I guess what I'm saying is take care of it while it's small so your only out for 1-2 months. I waited too long and now I'm out for 6 months and still sore if I sit still for too long. Also it takes a while for the scar tissue to break down and lots of walking helps.

    My 2 cents.

    Clark Williamson

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