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Thread: Stainless steel swords

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    Battousai Guest

    Default Stainless steel swords

    What are everyones opinion on stainless steel swords?

    Almost everywere I look stainless steel (440) swords are sold. The American market is flooded with them. Its hard to find places that sell non stainless steel swords at all.

    My first sword was a stainless steel sword. I like it alot, fond memories. Yet after purchasing a "real" hand forged sword all stainless steel swords seem like toys.

    From my limited experience with different swords it seems to me that stainless steel swords are lighter then "real" swords. From a training standpoint I'd rather work with a weighter sword.

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    Thumbs down For show....If that.

    440 Steel swords are (Personally) little use for me...They may look nice from a distance but close up they do all seem to have a quality best defined as 'pure tack'...I see them in nearly every martial arts shop in London where they are cleverly placed high up or 'safely' behind the counter to avoid any closer looks easily...
    My first sword was a 440 but I never used it for anything other than Iai...And that only when I was on my own and in no danger of injuring anyone other than myself.
    Iaito are a far better bet for training use...They feel far more solid and weighed than the 440..They also tend to be more discreetly furnished which emphasizes their worth far more than the gold and basically cheap looking kinds of setup on the 440 types.
    I think 440's are good for people who want to show off and maybe look good to their mates but should never be used for anything more than that in my opinion...
    I haven't found one that comes close to my Iaito in all ways at present...Maybe it is just in London.
    Ben Sharples.

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    Originally posted by Battousai
    What are everyones opinion on stainless steel swords?

    Start reading
    Ian R. Russell

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