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Thread: Kensei: Nakayama Hiromichi

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    Default Kensei: Nakayama Hiromichi

    Hello Everyone,

    Can anybody provide extensive information about the great swordsman, Nakayama Hiromichi (Hakudo)? I just keep hearing small stories about him and his feats (challenges from other warriors, unparalleled tameshigiri technique) and tried to do research on this man. However, I mostly come up with the same generic information that is common knowledge among kenshi today. What is his story? All he left us with was his various teachings in the world of JSA such as Muso Shinden Ryu (and Toyama Ryu?), and maybe others that I am not aware of. I am not aware of any pieces of literature that he left behind, unlike other kensei such as Miyamoto Musashi. I know, however, that he was a man of high skill and caliber, as I was inspired by his words to Japan concerning their defeat at the hands of the allied forces. I also take it that, although he was considered to be eclectic, he gained the respect of many koryu groups. Does anyone have any details about this highly skilled, yet seemingly silent man? Why is he being called "Kensei"?


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    By the way, any other small interesting stories or facts about him are also very much welcome. I don't expect a biography for a reply (although that would be nice if it could be done!).

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    There's a story I read in a French-language book on iaido regarding Nakayama Hakudo that I posted in this forum for comments. I didn't get any, but you might find the story itself useful. It's in the following thread:

    If anybody else has comments on this, they would be greatly appreciated.

    Andrei Arefiev

    -Moscow Eishinkai Dojo-

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