Today at the Purdue Go Club, after a few (heated) games--they love to fight around here--we got on the topic of books and study. I've been brushing up on joseki and basic technique (specifically cutting and oiotoshi), another player's been doing a lot of life and death, and another guy (who didn't fare so well tonight, in a game with more ko than I've ever had arise before) has been playing a lot online. Everybody seems to be getting better. (Hopefully I may be counted in that number, but it seems I'm keeping up!

We each had our different style of study--I don't memorize full joseki (I'm going for concepts) and I play them through, occasionally asking "what if" and playing a variant to see why it works or does not work..., and I like to play my tsume-go problems (when I do them) from both perspectives (i.e. damage control, or what to do if the other player plays out of order, as well as the true problem...) One of the others likes to go through as many problems as possible...

What I'm wondering is, what study techniques work for people on this board? We're all (until about August when some more experienced people get back into town) 15-25 kyu and could use some expert (or not so expert) advice!

-Ben Kalafut