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    A regard to everybody.
    And ' a big honor for me to discuss and to make some questions to a big Teacher.

    I would like to ask Sensei Obata

    if there are of his organizations in italy.
    besides I would like to know if it knows the italy.
    thanks for his answer.

    Gian Piero Costabile

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    Obata T Guest



    No, there is no organization in Italy yet. However, I am hoping that Shinkendo and Aiki Buken will spread there someday!

    Shinkendo is spreading throughout Europe though...I went to Hungary last month [August] and had a great seminar with many of the European teachers who came to study. I will go to Switzerland, France, and Amsterdam in October.

    Maybe you might be able to find time to join me in one of these countries.

    International Shinkendo Federation,

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