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    Kosen Guest

    Default Test

    Hello all,

    I was just testing. I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Laurent Huor. I have been doing judo for about 7 months.

    I really enjoy everyone's posts in here.

    Take care,

    Laurent Huor

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    Default Answer

    Your test post worked well. Welcome to e-budo and the lifetime of learning that is in Judo!
    Robert Cheshire
    Yoseikan Teacher

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    Kosen Guest


    Hello Robert. Pleasure to meet you.

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    MarkF Guest


    I know you signed your first post, but please set your user preferences by clicking the User CP at the top of the page and go to "options" and set your signature so it appears at the bottom of each post.

    You can do it like you did in the first post, but it is easier to set it up as your "default" signature.

    Your choice, I just wanted to present you with an option.

    Anyway, yes I second the welcome!


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    Kosen Guest


    Hello Mark,

    I just edited my profile.

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