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Thread: Aiki Buken Info

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    Brian Vickery Guest


    Greetings again Obata Sensei,

    Thank you for the information you provided concerning your separation
    from the Yoshinkan.

    You mentioned in another response that Shinkendo and Aiki Buken are
    independant arts taught separately. I know that there are many Shinkendo
    dojos throughout the world, but I was just curious, are there any
    Aiki Buken only dojos out there?

    If there are no Aiki Buken dojos out there, is it by design, or is it
    something that would be supported but just hasn't happened yet?

    Best Regards,

    Brian Vickery
    Mountainside Aikido
    Ahwatukee, Arizona
    (student of G.Hauenstein Sensei)

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    Obata T Guest



    Yes, Aiki Buken and Shinkendo are independant arts and are taught separately. However, we do have about 18 branches that teach Aiki Buken around the world. Most also practice Shinkendo as well.

    When I go to seminars, there are many students that want to learn Aikibujutsu as a part of the Shinkendo seminar. So, there are quite a number of students who have gotten a taste of Aikibujutsu.

    There is a natural relationship historically between taijutsu and kenjutsu.

    International Shinkendo Federation,

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