I'm sure there is an easier way just to transfer posts, but I couldn't figure it out, so I just did some cutting and pasting.

Again, first of all, thanks to Randy Kite and TommyK for the kind words on Old School.

Randy wrote:
"With every line, I more wished I could study each art described. Ellis's writing style draws the reader in, making it easy to become involved in what has in the past been presented in dry historical terms. Every section of this book offers insight and/or information useful to the modern practitioner of the Japanese martial arts."

And then Randy and later TommyK added that they wished the book could have been published in hardcover. I replied, using some of the deepest esoteric powers of the archaic ryu (kanashibari, specifically):

"Thanks for the good words on the book. I'd love to have a hardcover edition of each book - bigger size, so the photos could be displayed. Have a slight problem regarding inventory. I printed 3000 of Dueling, and recently 2000 of Old School. To date, have sold about 900 of Dueling and 200-300 (haven't totalled up the month yet) of Old School. So I've got a lot of boxes of books in the shed still. From what I hear, more than a few folks lend the book around to their friends until they fall apart, and then buy another. I would suggest that everyone try an alternative - now listen closely to my voice, you will find your eyes getting heavy, your hands heavy, the sword feels heavy in your hand (a little kanashibari here) - you want to buy lots of books - lots of books. Everything is so heavy, put down that sword, it's too heavy, there is only one thing you can lift - yes, it's your wallet. That credit card is so light, let it float, let the numbers waft on the whisper stream, let that money fly. Buy books, buy books for your family, buy books for your friends, buy books for everyone in your dojo and make them buy books too, buy books, buy books, buy books.

At the next sound in the room, you will awake - and you will know what you have to do.

BTW - I've still got the section here on e-budo on my books. Any and all are welcome if there are any questions, points of disagreement or discussion regarding info and opinion in the books. . . . .but to enter the discussions, you must do one thing. Listen to the sound of my voice . . . .your eyes are getting heavy . . . "

To expand on the publishing problem briefly, I made the rounds of book publishers regarding Dueling with Osensei, and could find no one interested. Some such as Koryu Books, had other projects that demanded all of their time, but others said either that they didn't think it would sell enough to be profitable, or essentially communicated that they thought it was junk. So I decided to publish on my own. The lovely thing about self-publishing is that with 900 copies sold, I have more than made up my investment, and every penny now is profit. I will have paid off the investment for Old School by the end of the year. But there is the problem of inventory - and finding a way to publicize when one is too stubborn to sell it through marketers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble (they take a 45% cut). All in all, though, an enjoyable challenge, and worth the occasional headaches of packing books, schlepping them to the post office. A few people (Diane Skoss at Koryu, Chuck Clark of the Jiyushinkai and most notably, Rick Polland, who handles my credit card orders) have been kind enough to move my books through their systems at cost (no profit to them - just covering handling costs.

That covered, Peter, to order by fax or telephone, if you go to my website, and hit the link to Credit Card orders (on the Old School or Dueling page). You will go to Rick Polland's site - and he can handle fax or telephone orders in a secure and safe way.

As for your kind words, "A Bentley," I like it! One of the old V-12's with the supercooled engine - James Bond's first car, as I recall. Thank you!